Home Care 101

What is home health care?

Home healthcare is the treatment method of being taken care of in ones place of residence. The person rendering the care may be a loved one or a certified professional. The range of services that the individual receives may vary. There are two categories of home health care, they are skilled and non skilled. 

 Skilled VS Non Skilled

Skilled care is care that is rendered by a professional such as an RN which may include, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or another form of treatment that requires a higher level of care in contrast to non skilled.

Non Skilled or "Non-medical" care as it is commonly referred to is care that may be rendered to an individual that does not include any medical treatment. This includes but is not limited to companionship, light housekeeping, meal prep, medication reminder, partial or total assistance with bathing and dressing.


Qualification Process

To get qualified for home healthcare services, you will have to speak with your doctor or family members to determine if you need assistance with every day activities. If after speaking with your doctor and or family members and you feel as if though home-care is whats best for you. You may contact us to proceed. Wellcare home-care is here to assist and clarify any questions you may have with regards to home-care. 

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